Team Beaufort's

Coach Ray Jones

Team USA Senior International Coach
Personal Coach of CJ Cummings

Simple - Practical - Honest - Proven

Coach Ray's Philosophy

A good coach is content to be in the background, working hard behind the scenes, and allowing the athlete to enjoy the spotlight.

The mission is to help each athlete reach their full potential: to be the best lifter they can be on the platform, and to be the best person they can be off the platform.

The gym is a place to work hard. Each day of training should be as fun and as challenging as possible.

Every day is a new opportunity for every athlete to gain more confidence, strength, speed, balance, and technique.

Each workout should tailored to the athlete's individual needs. Every rep is important. Focus on the one in front of you.

Staying healthy is just as important as getting PRs.

Everything is about being consistent in training. Openers should be destroyed.
Everything else will take care of itself.

A good athlete should be coachable. A great athlete should be humble.

Featured Athletes

CJ Cummings

2018 Team USA World Team

IWF Youth World Record Holder
Highest ranked USAW Junior and Senior
2x IWF Youth World Champion
3x IWF Junior World Champion
7x IWF Gold Medals
3x IWF Pan-American Records
25x USAW National Records
USAW National Champion
USAW National Junior Champion
USAW National Youth Champion

Mahassen Hala Fattouh Paiva

2018 Team Lebanon World Team

LEBW 63KG National Record Holder
2018 IWF Mediterranean Games Silver Medalist
2017 IWF World Championship 10th Place
2015 IWF World Championship 21st Place
2014 IWF World Championship 28st Place
2016 IWF Asian Championship 9th Place
2007, 2013, 2014 USAW National Medalist
2013 USAW National University Champion
2008 USAW National Junior Champion
2006 IWF Pan-American Youth Bronze Medalist

Dade Stanley

2019 Team USA Youth World Team

USAW 69KG 13U National Record Holder
2018 IWF Pan-American Youth Team
2017 USAW National Youth Champion
2015 USAW National Youth Champion
2015 National Youth Best Lifter Award

Kaela Stephano

2018 Team USA Youth World Team

USAW 16/17 Youth National Record CJ 53kg
USAW National Youth Champion
2017 IWF Youth World 9th Place
2017 IWF Pan-American Youth Silver Medalist
2016 IWF Pan-American Youth Bronze Medalist
2018 USAW National Junior Champion
2017 USAW National Youth Champion
2016 USAW National Youth Champion
16/17 Division 1st place CrossFit 2017 Games
14/15 Division 1st place CrossFit 2016 Games

Hutch Friend

2019 Team USA Youth World Team

USAW 31KG 13U All National Records Holder
USAW 44KG 14/15 All National Records Holder
USAW 39KG 13U All National Records Holder
USAW 35KG 13U All National Records Holder
USAW 2017 National Youth Champion
USAW 2016 National Youth Champion
USAW 2015 National Youth Champion
USAW 2014 National Youth Champion

Omar Cummings

Team USA Youth World Team

Team USA Youth Pan-American Team
USAW National Youth Champion
IWF Pan-American Youth Gold Medalist
2x IWF Youth World Bronze Medalist
3x Youth USAW National Record Breaker
Multi-USAW Youth & AAU National Champion

Becky Fecteau

USAW National Junior Champion

USAW National University Medalist
Olympic Training Center Camp Recipient
Georgia/Alabama LWC State Champion
USAW National Championship Competitor
USAW American Open Competitor

Alex Silon

Team USA Youth Pan-Am Team

Team USA Youth Pan-American Team
USAW National Youth Champion
USAW National Youth Best Overall Lifter 2011
Multiple AAU National Champion
Recipient of the 2011 AAU Joel Farrel Award

Coach Mentorship Program

One on one training to bring your coaching to the next level.

Weekly Telephone Consulting

You'll spend one hour each week on the phone with Coach Ray Jones. Ask questions, get answers, and grow as a coach.

Programming Collaboration

Review your programming and training videos together, make tweaks, and learn how to properly customize your workouts for each of your athlete's needs.

Athlete Motivation

Collaborate on how to keep your athletes motivated and focused in and out of competition, from youth to world champion.

Competition Strategy

Program diversification, weight cutting, warmup attempts, competition attempts, and psychology of performance.

$49 / week Get Started

"Coach Jones gives me the confidence I need to coach my son."

I signed up for Coach Jones' Coach Mentorship Program four months ago, and it has been well worth the money paid. At the time I signed up, my family was moving from a great gym with experienced coaches to a location with few weightlifting resources. I knew I would be coaching my son myself, and I was nervous about this. My son has achieved great success in weightlifting (4x Youth National Champion), and I was not confident that I could train him by myself.

Coach Jones has been an amazing mentor. Every week he reviews videos of my son's training and gives me specific things to work on. He also sends videos of exercises that I can use to supplement my training plan. Most importantly, though, Coach Jones gives me the confidence I need to coach my son. He listens to me and reaffirms the things I am doing right and makes gentle suggestions to help me develop my son as an athlete. Coach Jones doesn't believe in "cookie cutter" training plans and treats every one of his athletes as individuals deserving of individual attention and advice.

With Coach Jones in my corner, I am confident I can successfully coach my son. If you are a coach looking for a world class mentor, Coach Jones will be worth every penny you pay him.

Susan Friend

Susan Friend

Coach and mother of Hutch Friend
4x USAW National Youth Champion
USAW National Youth Record Holder

Remote Coaching

Proven programming for clean athletes. 100% customized each day by Ray Jones for clean athletes at all levels, from first day youth to world champions.

Daily Custom Programming

Your daily workout will be designed just for you each morning by Ray Jones based on your individual needs. No templates.

Daily Video Reviews and Critique

You'll be sending Ray videos of the last two reps of each exercise that you do each day. Ray will personally review every video.

Long-Term Injury Prevention

Program diversification. Clean athletes who want to stay injury free need daily specific exercises for long-term international level success.

Internationally Proven Results

Have peace of mind knowing that your programming is proven on the international stage and designed specifically for clean athletes.

$198 / week Get Started

Training with Coach Ray

Train with Ray Jones in person at our gym in Beaufort, SC. Available for both coaches and athletes.

Flexible Dates

Pick the dates and times that work best for you. We're in the gym every day!

Observing Every Lift

Each day, Coach Ray will be watching every single one of your lifts and provide feedback.

Video Reviews

Each day, videos will be taken of the final sets of each of your lifts and reviewed by Coach Ray.

Lasting Recommendations

You'll leave with a list of recommendations from Ray to continue your training.

$49 / day Get Started

Thank you!

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